Biden is an interlude.

I desperately want to believe that the Biden-Harris ticket is the hope the world has been searching for. But it’s not. The seeds of Trumpism have been sown and his brand of neofascist populism is here to stay. Democracy in the United States is decaying and on the verge of collapsing within the next decade. Trump, once he ungracefully exits office, will firmly situate himself wherever he needs to be to undermine every single thing Biden and Harris and the Democratic Party attempt to do. Trump got more votes this election than he did in 2016; granted, more people voted in 2020, but the very fact that he didn’t lose in a landslide is indicative of a vastly changed political landscape than just four years ago. Trump is now a kingmaker within the GOP and there is going to be a political figure — possibly a leader — that will make Trump look like Jimmy Carter. This isn’t a wild idea; this is a glimpse into the future. Buckle up.