Skinny legend diaries entry #2

I’m feeling very grateful for this new lease on life. I got the call for a surgeon consult in Victoria on August 3 (this is the step right before surgery, which usually comes a month or two after the meeting). Today I was deemed “anatomically perfect, with no problems whatsoever” (their words) during my barium swallow test (it was awful and it feels like cement in your stomach). Most of all, though, I feel grateful for being in such great health. At the hospital I did not expect to see so many extremely ill patients in the medical imaging department; I expected people who, like me, walked in for fairly basic tests, or those with sports injuries. No, these were people facing grave health issues, with many visibly terminally ill. To have diametric opposite emotions bubbling inside myself of being both devastated for them but happy for myself was not something I expected to experience today. Just another reminder of how precious life is, and how when we’re give an opportunity to better our life, to grab the bull by the horns.

Skinny legend diaries entry #1

So. I am sharing a secret. I’ve told precious few people and was going to wait. But after two years on a wait list, followed by two months waiting for the program orientation in late May, followed by medical approval from the program’s doctor on my first visit in early June, and then dietician approval this past week on my first visit, I am over the moon to say that my file has been forwarded to a surgeon, and I will be getting weight loss surgery within the next three to six months (the average wait time from the surgeon receiving your file until your surgery). I am a lot smaller now than I was when I was referred by my GP two years ago and have lost a lot of weight since December, however, I have struggled with weight all of my life and it has had a very, very negative impact on my mental health and self-esteem over the years. It’s been very hard for me. I’ve lost and gained and lost and gained an incredible amount of weight in my life and I’m just tired of it. I am beyond grateful and incredibly happy for this opportunity. And for anyone who thinks that this is the easy way out: try having 85% of your stomach cut out and then eat mush essentially for almost a year, and then tiny portions for the rest of your life, and then get back to me. 😂😄😃 This, if anything, is the hard way to do it. And I’m ready for the challenge and more excited for the future than I have been in a very long time.