Skinny legend diaries entry #2

I’m feeling very grateful for this new lease on life. I got the call for a surgeon consult in Victoria on August 3 (this is the step right before surgery, which usually comes a month or two after the meeting). Today I was deemed “anatomically perfect, with no problems whatsoever” (their words) during my barium swallow test (it was awful and it feels like cement in your stomach). Most of all, though, I feel grateful for being in such great health. At the hospital I did not expect to see so many extremely ill patients in the medical imaging department; I expected people who, like me, walked in for fairly basic tests, or those with sports injuries. No, these were people facing grave health issues, with many visibly terminally ill. To have diametric opposite emotions bubbling inside myself of being both devastated for them but happy for myself was not something I expected to experience today. Just another reminder of how precious life is, and how when we’re give an opportunity to better our life, to grab the bull by the horns.

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Alex T

I'm Alex, and I live on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. Here I detail my weight loss and fitness, and all of the wonderful things that I get to do now! Come along and perhaps I'll haphazardly make it through this beautiful tragicomedy known as life.

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