Accidentally deleted the video post from November 9, 2021.

A repost of the November 9, 2021, post-op video post where I speak about my VSG WLS weight loss, lifestyle changes, bariatric vitamin routine. And how I’m feeling! Update to follow either today or tomorrow (December 6 or December 7) because a lot has changed in a month!

This is not easy. Getting ready for WLS/Bariatric Surgery/VSG

Well, I can finally say that I’m getting my surgery done THIS MONTH now that it’s October 1.

Today (October 1, 2021) and the last few days since I updated have not been easy. There’s been a lot of gastrointestinal maladies that I won’t go into details about, but I do feel need to be mentioned to just prepare anyone embarking on this three week Optifast journey in preparation for the bariatric surgery. Not everyone has these issues; some deal with constipation, whilst others have no problems but just dislike the taste – some even like the taste!

I have quite a sensitive stomach to the artificial sweeteners, so it’s been a lot more difficult for me. But I feel like today I rounded the corner in the sense that I was awake all day, able to get some things done, and I didn’t have the constant thoughts of food that I was having for the first few days.

I also go a phone call from the pre-admin clinic and I have quite a few appointments coming up next week with the hospital’s pharmacist, anesthetist, as well as getting a requisition to my local hospital for a chest x-ray, as well as more bloodwork and an ECG on Monday morning. I’m not sure when the chest x-ray will occur, but hopefully soon! My surgery date in on the 19th!

Also, I haven’t weighed myself since the start of Optifast due to scale difficulties that have now been rectified, but I have lost six inches of my waist since Monday – insanity! It’s worth noting that I did have a large cheese and pineapple pizza on Sunday night as my “goodbye meal,” so I was probably just very bloated when I took my measurements on Monday. Still, it’s not too shabby!

I know I said I’d have some pictures and video up, but I’ve honestly not felt well enough. I’ve been in my pyjamas and in bed with the occasional walk for the better part of this week. I don’t know why it’s hit me so hard, but hey, everyone’s journey is different.

I feel a bit fed up, I feel upset, defeated at times, and I cry. But I’m keeping my eye on the prize. And fortunately I have a great support group on Zoom of ladies going through the same thing. Thank you to them immensely and to the social worker who facilitates it.

But most of all, thank you for reading and putting up with my whininess!

The Inauguration Day of the 46th President of the United States Biden and and first woman VP Kamala Harris: the dawning of a new erak

I’m writing this in the wee hours of January 20, 2021 – a date some have been dreading, whilst others — scholars included — have been waiting with baited breath for this very day since the election was caller for Biden and Harris in early November.

The world anxiously awaits, hoping for the celebratory pomp and circumstance that has historically always been a part of the American transition of government. However, it will be different this time, given the Capitol Hill Insurrection, not to mention the president who was impeached a record shattering two times, more than any president in history.

Most countries across the global are hoping for a peaceful transition of power in the most perilous or times. All that is certain is that nothing is certain aside from arguably the worst United States President, who has held office since exactly 4 years today, will be leaving today in the least graceful and mature of ways, being the first president to forego the inauguration of his successor.

Indeed, all is certain in these far from routine days we’ve had since 2019 when COVID shot. Let’s just forget about that little record

Please let this transition of power be peaceful and remain peace.