My life is changing.

So. Big life change coming my way. I’m having bariatric surgery in a matter of months, and I’m very excited. I have many entries that I’ve written in my actual, tangible journal that I will type out onto here in the next few days.

The Inauguration Day of the 46th President of the United States Biden and and first woman VP Kamala Harris: the dawning of a new erak

I’m writing this in the wee hours of January 20, 2021 – a date some have been dreading, whilst others — scholars included — have been waiting with baited breath for this very day since the election was caller for Biden and Harris in early November.

The world anxiously awaits, hoping for the celebratory pomp and circumstance that has historically always been a part of the American transition of government. However, it will be different this time, given the Capitol Hill Insurrection, not to mention the president who was impeached a record shattering two times, more than any president in history.

Most countries across the global are hoping for a peaceful transition of power in the most perilous or times. All that is certain is that nothing is certain aside from arguably the worst United States President, who has held office since exactly 4 years today, will be leaving today in the least graceful and mature of ways, being the first president to forego the inauguration of his successor.

Indeed, all is certain in these far from routine days we’ve had since 2019 when COVID shot. Let’s just forget about that little record

Please let this transition of power be peaceful and remain peace.